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Queer Monsters, Healing in Virtual Spaces, and Plurality of Self

zoom self portrait w sketches
visa self portrait & text assignment.png

written oct 4 2020:

      Zoom is how I’ve been interacting with everyone; it’s depersonalized, and I’m having to imagine people as I think they might be rather than getting to see them as they are. I’ve been thinking a lot (since march actually) about how my experience with the pandemic would have changed had it hit at different times in my life because of my mental health journey. I'm grateful it hit me when I was able to take it. I’m looking back at who I was using digital media like my camera roll, social media feeds, and the music I mixed for performances; I mapped out my aesthetic journeys and mental health journeys, and some reoccurring points are what became the sketches in the zoom boxes. 

     It’s obviously unclear exactly how I would’ve experienced the pandemic so I’m doing some imagining, and it feels kind of similar to how, on zoom, I have to imagine everyone as they might be, which is why I thought a zoom screen would be a great way to show the way I’m thinking about myself... hoping everything’s okay for the people in all those boxes, but really not knowing. And sitting with that discomfort. And being grateful for my own experience. The zoom chat is mostly legible only to me, though bits will make sense to others. I’m glad it involves a lot of nonlinear thinking and it explores the plurality of my self, or rather selves.

Pencil Sketches, Adobe Photoshop; 3,600 by 2,250 pixels

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 9.06.04 AM.png